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Micro Lot Brazilian Coffee

Low acidic flavours, very fine and mild tasting with milk chocolate undertones, cherry and sassafras notes, stone fruits and honey sweetness.

Brazilian coffee beans are famous for their unique flavours – the coffee taste is largely influenced by perfect growing climate afforded to Brazil's coffee regions, with steady tropical  temperatures.

Brazil Red Mundo Novo Roasting Notes

Origin: Brazil
Farming Estate: Fazenda Fortaleza
Growing Region: Mantiqueira Minas Gerais
Varietal: Red Mundo Novo
Processing: Pulped Natural 
Grower: Alessandro Hervaz


Brazilian coffee brands and farmers usually harvest between April and September during the dry period, when the temperature is around 15-25 degrees Celsius. Brazilian coffee taste is largely influenced by perfect growing climate afforded to Brazil coffee regions - with steady tropical temperatures, it’s no wonder Brazil has the largest production of coffee beans in the world. Contributing over one third of the entire coffee bean production in 2018.

Brazil coffee farmers harvest 'Icatu beans', which are a hybrid variety created by crossing arabica and robusta (bourbon) beans and then backcrossing with a 'Mundo Novo'. These Brazilian coffee bean types grow very nicely at about 250m up the highlands, the cherries can come in both Yellow and Red varieties. 

Brazilian coffee beans wholesale is used in many blends because it is such a stable bean, but try it on its own, buy coffee online and you’ll find it’s all you need as you’ll discover some of the most delicious cocoa flavors and a tangy mandarin acidity upfront.