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Jamaica Blue Mountain - 500g


Often compared to the kopi luwak coffee, our Jamaica Blue coffee is one of the most exclusive coffee's in the world.

This year we introduce a very special coffee indeed - our Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Certified with our unique hologram seal and carefully hand packed, each bag is comes with an authenticity certificate detailing the batch and estate of your coffee.

A beautiful fragrance of freshly cut fir. Deep flavours of apricot, melon and orange with a light syrup body and a cocoa and toffee aftertaste. Perfectly balanced aroma, body, acidity and flavour. Suggested for syphon, pour over or french press brewing methods.

Jamaica Blue Coffee Beans Details


Jamaica Blue Mountains, Kingston

Coffee Farm Estate

Stoneliegh Family

Growing Altitude



The Jamaica Blue Mountains are located on the Eastern end of Jamaica, exposing them to the moisture laden North East Trade Winds. These hit the coast and rise up into the mountains, generating significant cloud cover and mist as they hit the cooler air of the higher elevations. The reduced sunlight due to the cloud cover slows down the development of the coffee cherry. The long maturation has a very positive effect on the aroma and taste of the coffee produced from these trees.

In the world of wine, territory rules. But in the world of coffee, few coffee drinkers have tasted any estate or single origin coffee. The vast majority of coffee consumed is blended from commodity grade coffee. A lucky few have tried Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and know that the coffee’s origin makes a difference. The quality of coffee from the Jamaica Blue Mountains is often compared to Kopi Luwak, the word’s most expensive coffee. Many know this as the ‘civet coffee’ or the Luwak animal processed coffee.

We are often asked by fellow coffee lovers, “Where can I find Jamaica Blue near me?” So this year King Carlos Coffee have made this ultra rare coffee available in strictly limited in quantities. We invite you to try the most luxurious coffee in the world, as our newly released Stoneleigh Coffee guarantees smooth perfection in every sip, one of the most expensive coffee’s in the world, it is served strictly black.