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Barista Basics - Theory & Practical

Barista Basics - Theory & Practical


At King Carlos Coffee we aim to help equip our students with knowledge and confidence to approach any Barista opportunities with confidence and readiness.

-- Please note, after booking for yourself or multiple people, you will be sent an email with a personal code and link for the online component of the course. --

King Carlos Coffee Roasters are Multi - Award Winning Speciality Coffee Roasters based in Hurstville, Sydney. We have over 15 years of cafe experience owning a number of successful cafes which then led us down the path of wholesale Roasting and Speciality Coffee.

Our Training Programs are our way of sharing valuable information to the wider community and there's lots to share!

Our Educational Classes not only cover all things coffee, but we expand our curriculum to further educate students on other business aspects of the industry like; presentation, self care, OH&S and efficiencies.

You may of seen what other coffee companies have to offer when it comes to Barista Courses, but ours is something else...Quite simply, no one does things quite like we do!

We have curated the MOST Comprehensive all round Barista Course. It's so big, that we have had to break it up into 3 components. It is jam packed with fun and simple to learn theoretical modules, quizzes and videos, finishing with welcoming you to our King Carlos Headquarters. Here is where you will fulfil the completion of your last module where you will be putting your Barista skills to the test.

Heres a breakdown of our course;


Did you know that coffee is the second biggest commodity in the world?!

There are some amazing facts about coffee that you will learn in this component.

Join us on a coffee journey from “farm to cup” giving you an understanding of different varietals grown on the farms, to the various processing methods both done traditionally to the innovative methods used creating different flavour profiles playing with the scientific structure of the humble green bean.

Along with the challenge farmers have regarding weather and governments rules (or lack of), the steps it takes for the coffee to get to your cup is an intriguing story to learn.

king carlos coffee barista basics coffee course


In part 2 we will break down everything you need to know in a easy to understand step by step process.

From understanding the Brew Recipe, coffee terminology and types, to getting to know your machinery and equipment.

This section will equip you with the knowledge you need to familiarise yourself with professional Barista made coffee in a cafe environment.

king carlos coffee barista basics coffee course


In the final part of our course we invite you to our training facility where you will combine everything you have learnt into a 2 hour hands on experience!

Our experienced barista and facilitator will recap all you have learnt and support you in transitioning into a real life cafe scenario.

This part is all about enjoying hands on experience, asking questions and testing your skills in a small team environment, and most importantly, having fun.

Using the latest industry equipment currently used in café’s, you will complete your journey to becoming a professional barista and learning how to make professional café quality coffee.

At King Carlos Coffee we aim to help equip our students with knowledge and confidence to approach any Barista opportunities with confidence and readiness.

king carlos coffee barista basics coffee course


PART 1 - Take me on a journey
Module 1
- Supply Chain
- Free Trade
- Varietals
- Single Origin, Estate Coffee, Microlots & Bends
Module 2
- Processing Types
- Natural / Sundried
- Pulped Natural / Semi Washed
- Fully Washed Process
- Fermentation, Aerobic & Anaerobic
- Rum Barrels
Module 3
- Coffee Region Flavour Profiles
- Coffee Flavour Wheel
- Coffee Culture
Module 4
- Roasting
- Cupping
- Part 1 Completion

Part 2 - Becoming a Barista
- Background of the section
- Getting to know your Grinder
- How to calibrate for different grind textures
- Cleaning your grinder
Module 2
- Getting to know your coffee machine and set up
- Daily Cleaning Routine
Module 3
- Espresso Theory
- Weight, time and ratios
- The Art of Tampering
- The Perfect Espresso
Module 4
- Milk Types
- Milk texturing
- Coffee Definitions
- Part 2 Completion

Part 3 - The Final Step in becoming a professional Barista
- Whats Next?

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