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Lemon and berry acidity. Sweet milk chocolate. Full body carries a honey and toffee finish.


Origin: Colombia

Region: Huila

Process: Fully washed


Few places are more well-known for their coffee than Colombia, the land of Juan Valdez. However, not all Colombian beans are the same. This is a large country filled with diverse landscapes, from rainforests to mountaintops, two coastlines, and everything in between. And as the land changes, so too do the climate, harvest time, and more.

Southern growing regions of Huila, Cauca, Narino and Tolima, comes from small family farms, and when the picking and processing are done well they can be exceptional. Silky body, cane sugar sweetness, floral hints and traces of tropical fruits are found in the best Colombia coffees.

Is there good Colombia coffee? Absolutely, but not from export bulk bags and the like, good Colombian is rarely sold simply as Supremo or Excelso, a name that designates the size of the beans only and means nothing about the quality of taste. Grading by screen size doesn't make sense because a larger bean does not mean better cup quality. Since we rate everything by cup quality and all coffees are judged "blind," bean size is irrelevant and doesn't enter into how Carlos selects coffee. 

King Carlos Coffee are Sydney's expert raw coffee bean suppliers.

Our knowledge in coffee roasting times and temperatures, density and moisture has been developed through years of experience - and we cup our coffee regularly to ensure coffee blends are consistent. This helps us continually source the best green coffee beans, and the best coffee beans in Australia. This ensures we supply the best wholesale green coffee beans in Sydney.

Our beans produce a golden full bodied espresso.  Roasted slowly to allow the full flavour to develop, its then stopped and cooled when the second crack is heard by our third generation master roaster.

We are happy to prepare your green coffee bean delivery in Sydney and then distribute to your home or cafe! Included in every large order of green coffee beans is free shipping to you.