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El Salvador Green Beans


Sweet cup with creamy nutty, cocoa and butter throughout. Smooth body and a crisp green apple acidity that lingers.


Origin: El Salvador

Region: Ilamatepec

Process: Honey Process


El Salvador has a tropical climate and experiences similar temperatures throughout the year. However, due to the presence of its Pacific Ocean coastal fringe, there are significant annual

variations due to the sea breeze, which brings in moisture and heat.

The principal varieties are Bourbon, which covers around 64% of the area under cultivation, followed by Pacas (a Bourbon cultivar) covering 28%, followed by a group of varieties, each of which covers 2% or less of the total area, namely: Pacamara, Cuscatleco, Catimor, Catisic and others.

Bourbon varietal coffees are at one end of the spectrum, with a balanced, classic "Central" profile, Pacamara varietal coffees are their opposite, quirky and full of character. High altitudes and good, dense traditional varietals are a factor in the quality of El Salvador coffees. The country also produces an abundance of lower-grown coffee with fairly average cup quality. The typical taste is usually described as: mild body, mild acidity and strong sweetness.

El Salvador's coffee-infrastructure is well developed. In this relatively small country, plantations and processing plants (mills) are located in close proximity to each other. Coffee berries can therefore be processed shortly after having been picked, which definitely enhances quality.

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