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French Press and Congo Coffee Gift Pack


The Bodum French Press is paired with 500g bag of our single origin Congo; the perfect coffee for this style of brew.


Each “Brew Pamper” has a high quality brewing system which has been paired with a single origin coffee that most suits the brew method.

These brew packs will bring out the abundant tasting notes and flavour compositions of the coffee. Not all coffee is made best one way which is why we have curated these brew packs to get you started on your Specialty Coffee journey. All our hampers are packaged in beautifully presented boxes. No need to wrap your Gift, we do it all for you!

The French Press, Cafeteria or Coffee Plunger: One of the most versatile brewing methods as you can take it anywhere!

Coffee is brewed by adding ground course ground coffee in the empty beaker and adding water at about 95 °C. Add 30g of coffee to every 500mls of water or more or less to taste. We believe that the optimum time for brewing is around four minutes

Congo is a balanced, full bodied coffee with blackcurrant, mulberry and sweet cocoa notes. If you're drinking your coffee as an espresso or long black, this single origin will give you a full bodied aromatic cup of perfectly brewed coffee.

We grind fresh with every order.