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Hario Coffee Syphon

The Hario Technica Syphon Coffee Maker is aptly named because it utilises precise scientific technology to produce sensational aromas and fragrances. Making it one of the best siphon coffee makers on the market today!

Sometimes called ‘vacuum pots’, syphons produce a rich and crisp brew considered to be unmatched by many coffee professionals, due to the creation of a vacuum during the brewing process. When created by the included alcohol burner, this vacuum forces the water in the bottom chamber to rise to the top chamber, where the coffee grounds are located, to initiate the brewing.

Hario's Famous Heatproof Siphon Coffee Brewer

Hario’s famous heatproof borosilicate glass keeps the coffee at an ideal 91 to 95 degrees Celsius while brewing, producing a balanced and rich cup. The brewed coffee falls back into the bottom chamber when the burner is removed, separated from the coffee grounds by the included cloth filter. The top chamber can then be removed and placed on its stand.

There’s a reason the syphon brewer has acquired the respect of coffee professionals around the world: it makes a cup of coffee that is balanced, rich, and unlike coffee from any other brewer.

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