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Honduras Green Beans


Medium body and high acidity, Cocoa, caramel and hazelnut to finish.


Origin: Honduras

Region: Santa Barbra

Process: Wet processed


Areas of Marcala, Copan and Santa Barbara, Ocotopeque and others can produce high quality coffees and Honduras is one of the few countries with a capacity to grow their production. Honduran coffees can range from bright, acidic flavour profiles, lightly fruited and with strong cane sugar sweetness, to more caramel-like, lower acidity coffees.

Honduras has all the environmental factors on its side: soil, altitude, climate, and farmers who are increasingly better trained in agricultural practices. All its neighbors have sophisticated coffee plantations, production and exports: Guatemala, El Salvador and and Nicaragua.

A problem in Honduras is proper drying of the coffee after it is wet-processed. Some areas are wet and humid, and the coffees can be ruined when drenched by rain showers. Marcala area in the South has an advantage of a drier climate, although the coffees do not have the soaring brightness of the Northern zones.

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