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Joe Frex Coffee Tamper

$79.90 $84.00

Ergonomic Espresso Tamper

Ergonomically designed for a perfect grip, easy handling and to minimise wear and tear. The 49mm Flat Stainless Steel Base is compatible with all the Concept Art and Joe Frex handles.

Tamper includes a 49mm Joe Frex Base. 

Espresso tamper are probably the most important accessories for the successful preparation of an outstanding espresso and cappuccino. In order for the portafilter to develop sufficient pressure and to prevent the water from penetrating too quickly, the coffee grounds need to be properly compressed with a coffee tamper. All our models are hand-crafted, and the handles were ergonomically designed to ensure perfect grip and easy manual control.

Not sure how hard to tamp espresso?

Click below for our full tutorial.