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AeroPress Go x Killer Ninja Pack

AeroPress Go x Killer Ninja Pack


If your after a coffee on the GO and need something portable complete with its own cup then this is the pack for you!


1 x AeroPress Go All-In-One Kit
1x Killer Ninja Blend 500g

 The AeroPress Go is thoughtfully engineered to provide all the delicious brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress plus a convenient drinking mug that doubles as a carrying case. The AeroPress Go is optimized for traveling, camping, or just going to work by making it convenient and easy to take your AeroPress with you. Its smart design ensures that you will never be without delicious AeroPress brewed coffee wherever you go. 

Killer Ninja Blend is a balanaced, clean, smooth coffee with chocolate undertones, soft bodied along with distinct plum and citrus undertones.


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Each “Brew Pamper” has a high quality brewing system which has been paired with a single origin coffee that most suits the brew method.

These brew packs will bring out the abundant tasting notes and flavour compositions of the coffee. Not all coffee is made best one way which is why we have curated these brew packs to get you started on your Specialty Coffee journey. All our hampers are packaged in beautifully presented boxes. No need to wrap your Gift, we do it all for you!