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The Matagalpa region's signature smokey flavours shine through, making the perfect Nicaraguan espresso.

As a result of their careful cultivation, King Carlos Nicaragua single origin has a quality finish, with a medium-full body, pleasantly balanced with flavours of cocoa, smokey, nutty, apricot fruit.

Matagalpa is a northern region of the country that grows a great deal of typically high-altitude beans. It has an abundance of volcanic soil as well as a tropical forest climate that makes it ideal for elite coffee growing.

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What makes Nicaraguan coffee so special?

As with any country that produces large coffee exports, you will find an immense amount of variation across the different regions of Nicaragua. However, there are a few notable through-lines in terms of flavour and feel to be aware of.

Most Nicaraguan coffee beans will have a smooth, medium-bodied brew with bright acidity. These brews tend to be crisp, with a fruity snap. On the other hand, the aroma tends to have a more caramel or chocolate tinged sweetness to it with subtle hints of citrus thrown in there.

King Carlos Coffee are the experts in the best Nicaragua single origin coffee in Australia. Our knowledge in coffee roasting times and temperatures, density and moisture has been developed through years of experience. This ensures we supply the best Nicaraguan coffee in Australia.

We only use 100% Arabica beans for our estate coffee Nicaragua; making us producers of the best coffee beans in Australia. The coffee beans are delicate, have characteristically flora aromas, mild and rounded. 

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