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Espresso Drinker? Look No Further

As a result of their careful cultivation, King Carlos Nicaragua single origin has a quality finish, with smooth nutty chocolate flavours pleasantly balanced with citric acidity.

In the northwest of Nicaragua, the cool mountains of Matagalpa and Jinotega are located where cloud forests mix with coffee plantations. One of those coffee plantations has belonged to the Rizo family for more than 200 years. A total of 400 ha is owned by them, focusing on specialty coffee cultivation.

In 2013, half of their trees, mostly Caturra variety, were hit hard by the destructive fungus “roya”. As part of an ambitious renovating process, the farm replanted 200 ha with the roya-resilient varieties Castilla, Parainema and Marsellesa. This contributes to a healthy set-up of the whole farm, as half of the trees are still young. The Rizo family aims to approach coffee cultivation from a holistic perspective: from seedlings to wet and dry milling, they are in total control of their own quality. Another 200 ha of forest ensure that all coffees are shade-grown. Their reforestation efforts focus on protecting the native fauna and flora as well as water sources.

About 250 employees are permanently working at Potrerillos, during harvest season it is up to 1,000 people. Most of them live on the farm area as well, with Potrerillos providing infrastructure such as housing, meals and a basic clinic. Education is one of the pillars the family believes in very strongly: one of the farm areas is dedicated only to schooling. More than 180 students attend classes from pre-kindergarten to a secondary education level. There are even additional learning facilities to receive a technical degree in farm management. The fully equipped school programs are free for children living on the farm as well as for the ones from the neighboring communities.

Nicaragua Coffee Beans Roasting Notes

Origin: Nicaragua

Growing Region: Jinotega
Finca Los Potrerillos, Rizo Family
Altitude: 1,000 - 1,250 masl.
Varietals: Mainly Caturra, but also Castillo, Parainema
Harvest Period: Nov - Apr
Classification: SHG EP
Processing Details: Washed



As with any country that produces large coffee exports, you will find an immense amount of variation across the different regions of Nicaragua. However, there are a few notable through-lines in terms of flavour and feel to be aware of.

Most Nicaraguan coffee beans will have a smooth, medium-bodied brew with bright acidity. These brews tend to be crisp, with a fruity snap. On the other hand, the aroma tends to have a more caramel or chocolate tinged sweetness to it with subtle hints of citrus thrown in there.