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Nicaragua Green Beans


Lime acidity, milk chocolate and caramel, bitter sweet full bodied finish.


Origin: Nicaragua

Region: San Fernando

Process: Fully washed


Up until the first free elections of 1990, the country was a playground for authoritarian movements, civil war and corruption. Whilst the coffee infrastructure was being destroyed in Nicaragua, in neighbouring countries specialty coffee enthusiasts were discovering the most wonderful coffees. This dark episode in its history has come to an end and Nicaragua now produces fine Bourbon coffees with a hint of fresh citrus fruit.

Nicaraguan coffees have a wide range of flavour attributes. The botanical cultivars utilized are traditional: Typica, some Bourbon and Maragogype dominate, along with Caturra and Pacas.

The Pulp Natural process is a variation that gives the cup great body and a slightly rustic fruited layer. It seems that many of the growers in Nicaragua, sensing that the value of their Caturra coffees reaches a certain ceiling and rises no further, are trying many combinations of coffee variety and processing to command higher prices. The approachable sweetness and restraint of wet-processed old-style varietals like Bourbon and Typica, and their offspring like Caturra. The coffee makes excellent and unique single-origin espresso.

Nicaraguan coffee flavour profile stands out because of its citric overtones. Think of lemons, bergamot and occasionally apples and pears. The basic taste is fresh, with medium body, its got one of the best and unique characteristics.

Most of Nicaragua's coffees come from three regions within the country's central northern mountains: Jinotega, Matagalpa and Nueva Segovia. Jinotega is the largest producer, followed by Matagalpa and Nueva Segovia, and all produce some beautiful coffees with their own distinct characteristics. 

A good Nicaraguan coffee follows the fairly classic standards for a good cup: medium body, clean flavour and great balance. Some can be citrusy and bright, while others can possess a more rustic, fruited flavour. Much of this is down the the roast. But it also has to do with altitude: Nicaraguan coffee is the highest grown coffee in Central America, and therefore avoids the acidity sometimes found in other Central American coffee.

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