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Pour Over System Pack


After an easy to use brew system with premium specialty coffee?
We have the perfect Hamper for the coffee aficionado 

  • Hario V60 Pour Over Starter Kit
  • Peru Single Origin 500g
  • Colombia Single Origin 500g
  • Sir Winston Churchill 500g

Explore the delicious and fascinating world of pour over coffee with the Hario V60 Pour Over Kit. The Hario Australia V60 is a world-beloved Japanese brewer that’s famous for its spiraling ridges and wide drainage hole. These elements, along with Hario’s own filters, produce a cup with a clean and smooth mouthfeel, a crisp acidity, and satisfyingly bright flavours.


    - Glass server - Black handle (02 size)
    - Transparent Plastic V60 Dripper (02 size) 
    - 100 x V60 paper filters (02 size)
    - Also includes a bonus scoop



Peru Microlot is a lively coffee with silky, nutty flavours and chocolate tones with a fruit punch aftertaste.

Colombia has medium bodied, dark chocolate tones, cherry and hints of stone fruits. Colombia was awarded a medal in 2019 at The Golden Bean Coffee Competition; the largest coffee roasters competition and conference in the world. 

Sir Winston Churchill: our flagship single origin coffee. Unique flavor, sweet acidic, complex Smokey cigar flavors with dark chocolate and vanilla undertones.



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Each “Brew Pamper” has a high quality brewing system which has been paired with a single origin coffee that most suits the brew method.

These brew packs will bring out the abundant tasting notes and flavor compositions of the coffee. Not all coffee is made best one way which is why we have curated these brew packs to get you started on your Specialty Coffee journey. All our hampers are packaged in beautifully presented boxes. No need to wrap your Gift, we do it all for you!