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SealPod Sticker Lids (Nespresso)


100 x paper seals for brewing tea and coffee with SealPod capsules.


Introducing SealPods new reusable capsules!

This high quality product now can be paired with superior, quality, multi award winning King Carlos Coffee.

Did you know that the average cost of Supermarket PODs $142.80p/kg?!
This simple solution to save money is Reusable coffee capsules which means you SAVE $95p/kg

Choose from our extensive range of quality multi award winning coffee and with the option to have whole bean or freshly ground to your preference. When choosing coffee to suit your new reusable coffee capsules, we recommend coffee to be ground “stove top” which will showcase the coffee to bring out the best flavours according to your capsule machine.

Compatible with most coffee machines, like your popular Nespresso or Aldi’s Expressi Coffee Pod Machine. Nespresso Machines, KitchenAid, Inissia, Lattissima, Eacaco Minipresso NS, Expert,Concept, Prodigio, Pixie, Citiz, Maestria, Essenza, LeCube, Creatista.

If your after a more sustainable, convenient, fresh way of having coffee then this is the perfect product for you. No need for compostable, biodegradable, or plastic reducing products, this is a one off purchase that will last you a lifetime.

Keep calm and purchase your reusable coffee capsules and coffee now.



  1. Before applying the sticker lid, ensure the SealPod capsule rim is clear of excess tea or coffee grinds.
  2. Store pack at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight.
  3. When brewing tea, half fill the capsule to allow room for the tea leaves to expand.
  4. Use within 3 years.


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