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Sir Winston Churchill


Sir Winston Churchill, our most celebrated single origin

Sir Winston Churchill is our flagship single origin coffee. Unique flavor, sweet acidic, complex smokey cigar flavors with dark chocolate and vanilla undertones.
Sir Winston Churchill was awarded two medals in 2017 and two medals in 2018 at the Sydney Fine Food Show, Royal Easter Show.
It also picked up a medal in 2019 at The Golden Bean Coffee Competition. The Golden Bean is the largest coffee roasters competition and conference in the world.

About Sir Winston Churchill Coffee Beans

Origin: Sir Winston Churchill
Growing Region: Sierra Maestra Mountains in the East
Varietal: Arabica
Processing Details: Washed

Why is Sir Winston Churchill coffee so good?
King Carlos Coffee are the experts in unique coffee blends and single origin coffee in Sydney.
Our knowledge in coffee roasting times and temperatures, density and moisture has been developed through years of experience - and we cup our coffee regularly to ensure coffee blends are consistent. This helps us continually source the best green coffee beans, and the best coffee beans in Australia. This ensures we supply the best Cuban coffee in Australia.
We only use 100% Arabica beans for our estate coffee Cuba; making us producers of the best coffee beans in Australia. The coffee beans are delicate, have characteristically flora aromas, mild and rounded. Our beans produce a golden full bodied espresso.  Roasted slowly to allow the full flavour to develop, it is then stopped and cooled when the second crack is heard by our third generation master roaster.