Café Business Masterclass: Hospitality is a Sales Job

Café Business Masterclass: Hospitality is a Sales Job

Yes, working in the hospitality industry, believe it or not, is a sales job.

If you have a team who simply takes orders from customers and not salespeople, you really need to think about people you’re recruiting and how you're training them. This doesn’t have to be a complicated or intense process – it could be as simple as on-the-job coaching and/or setting your expectations.

When I had my café business, I would have regular sales meetings with my team and often bring in outside sales professionals to assist with the task of selling. I would look at every aspect of the business including how merchandise is displayed on shelves.

There are merchandisers and sales professionals at cost-effective fees that will consult with your business and drive extra revenue simply by repositioning your products and changing your team’s suggestive sales language. I’ll share a few tips and tricks over the coming weeks.

There are many ways and ideas for selling in hospitality and café businesses. Simple up-selling or suggestive sale, If McDonald’s can teach a 15 year old to ask for an extra product sale, why can’t you teach an adult in your business to do the same?


Next lesson: Upselling & suggestive selling Part 1


Let me know about your experience with sales in your hospitality business. Drop me a comment below or we can chat!


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