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The King Carlos Story

The King Carlos Coffee Empire was born in 1878 when Antonio Pinzon, the father of Carlos, established the first large coffee plantation in the central Columbian area of Caldas, a mountainous zone where even today roads and communications are tenuous.

Carlos dedicated himself to extending the family's plantation holdings. During one Colombian civil war, he bought land cheaply; not only in Caldas but also in the Antioquia and Valley regions. 

Prior to WWI, Colombia's coffee export business was a hazardous and primitive affair - green beans were transported by foot and by mule down from the mountains along tracks that were often impassable in the rains. The coffee was then freighted by river steamers to the coast for export, taking consignments months to reach to reach Europe and the USA.

To remedy this, the Coffee King opened an office in New York, the first of its kind. This was the pivotal moment for Carlos, so much so that between 1905-1925 he was Colombia's dominant exporter, shipping out as much as 40% of the country's coffee output.

Carlos died at 51 in New York. On route to his homeland, he was received with all but state honours – more than 200 horsemen accompanied him to his resting place.

Colombia's King Carlos had returned home, and the tribute to King Carlos continues today.

Our priority: Ensuring Farmers & the Environment are protected

Sustainable Coffee Farming & Fairtrade Coffee Sourcing

As an ethically responsible business, we are proud of our achievement in supporting sustainable producers, manufacturers and other small businesses.

Our aim is to always buy quality green coffee either directly from the grower or ethical green coffee importer. We pay a fair price so the farmer can support their family and the environment.

Our take away cups and lids are made right here in Australia using sustainably sourced paper. We use biodegradable lids that do not alter the recycling process.

Coffee beans available for home, office and cafe

Unique Specialty Coffee Blends

Carefully picked beans from selected countries that are amalgamated to form a complex blend of coffee.

Special Blends or micro blends are personal to the roaster. These recipes are closely guarded secrets that are passed on from one generation to another, sometimes taking years to perfect. Forming blends takes knowledge, practice, and a highly trained palate to ensure that all the right characteristics are combined to make a well defined blend.

Coffee blends are suitable to drink to your personal preference as they are flexible and diverse in their flavours.

One of Australia's Largest Selection of Single Origin Coffee

Microlot and Specialty Single Origins

Often a simplification of a coffee that’s sourced from one single producer, crop, or region in one country. Respectively, Estate coffee is particularly from a specific estate in a single origin and is desired for its typically unique flavours. Coffee labels may also tell you the estate name, the specific lot or paddock the coffee was grown on.

Single Origins are more suitable to drink as a long black, keeping the authenticity of the flavour, pure and unalloyable.