Ethical Sourcing from Farm to Cup

Commitment to Sustainability and Fair Practices

We believe that great coffee begins at the source. That's why we partner directly with farmers who embrace environmentally friendly growing methods. By ensuring they are fairly compensated, we uphold our commitment to ethical practices, contributing to sustainability in the coffee industry. Each bean we select is a testament to this promise, carrying a story of quality and care.

Roasting Excellence – Where Flavor Meets Passion

Unleashing the True Potential of Every Bean

Our roasting process is an alchemy of science and art, honed through years of expertise. We carefully roast each batch to perfection, unlocking the unique flavors and aromas that define King Carlos Coffee. It's not just roasting; it's a meticulous process of transformation, ensuring that every cup you pour is a celebration of taste and aroma.

Join Our Coffee Journey

Be Part of a Rich Coffee Culture

As we continue our quest to bring the best coffee experiences to your cup, we invite you to join us on this flavorful journey. At King Carlos Coffee Roasters, every bean, every roast, and every cup is an invitation to explore the rich tapestry of coffee. Embrace the adventure and discover what makes our coffee genuinely exceptional.


Carlos Zeidan's journey in the world of coffee and hospitality is marked by over two decades of dedication and passion. Starting as a chef at Star City, where he honed his skills alongside esteemed chefs, Carlos made a significant shift into the coffee realm. In 2002, he launched his first espresso bar, setting the stage for a series of successful ventures in the café industry.

A Vision for Quality and Reliability in Coffee Supply

Building Partnerships and a Legacy in Coffee Roasting

Carlos's extensive experience in club operations has fostered a deep understanding of the importance of reliable supply partnerships. His venture, the Coffee Experience Lounge & Roastery in Sydney, is more than just a business—it's a testament to his commitment to quality. Here, Carlos not only roasts award-winning coffee beans but also nurtures strong relationships with local cafes, supporting both urban and regional communities.

Recognition and Expertise in the Coffee Industry

Elevating Coffee Standards on a National and International Level

As a consultant to the hospitality industry and an executive member of the St George Business Chamber, Carlos's influence extends beyond his establishments. His brand, King Carlos Coffee, is a celebrated name in the industry, having earned over 15 medals in various national and international competitions. This recognition is a reflection of the brand's unwavering commitment to excellence in every cup.

Expanding Horizons – From Hurstville to Beyond

Spreading the Love for Quality Coffee Across Regions

Since opening the Coffee Experience Lounge & Roastery in Hurstville, King Carlos Coffee has become a beacon for quality coffee in Sydney and beyond. Supplying award-winning beans to cafés and espresso bars, the brand's reach now spans across regional areas including Wagga Wagga, Leeton, Cowra, West Wyalong, Griffith, and Tamworth, bringing the finest coffee experiences to a diverse clientele.


The Cornerstone of Quality: Our Coffee Roasting Excellence

Quality isn't just a word for us; it's our ethos. At King Carlos Coffee Roasting Company, we place utmost importance on the quality of our coffee. Our dedication is evident in our meticulous selection of high-quality, specialty-grade beans and our precision in roasting them. Using the latest equipment and techniques, we ensure each batch highlights the unique flavors and aromas of the beans, delivering consistency and excellence in every roast.

Committed to Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Our Promise for a Better World

We believe that great coffee shouldn't come at the expense of our planet or its people. This is why sustainability and ethical practices are at the heart of our operations. From ethically sourcing our beans to ensuring fair compensation for farmers, we are committed to responsible practices. We extend this philosophy to our roasting methods and packaging choices, ensuring they are environmentally friendly.

Redefining Customer Service in Coffee Roasting

Engaging and Educating with Every Cup

At King Carlos Coffee, we see our customers as partners in our coffee journey. Our focus on customer service and engagement sets us apart. We're not just selling coffee; we're enriching coffee experiences. By educating customers about our products, offering personalised recommendations, custom roasts, and flexible subscription options, we ensure an unparalleled coffee experience. Our after-sales support is a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction.