Café Business Masterclass: Host an Event

Café Business Masterclass: Host an Event

Is there room in your café?

This could be a good opportunity to host trivia nights, live music, book clubs or other events. Publicise your event on social media, put a poster up and get your community rallied around this event.

You would be surprised how many musicians, public speakers and  writers live in your local area and how excited they would be to use your business to showcase what they do.

There are numerous online ticketing options that can be used successfully where your customer receives reminders leading up to the event. The goal is they’re likely to order from you once they’re there and are also likely to return with other friends if they’re happy with your service.

Invite journalists and food bloggers for a media event. It has a cost, with some free drinks and food, but they’ll write about your business in print and social media – the benefits here outweigh the cost.



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