Café Business Masterclass: Improving Workflow & Efficiency

Café Business Masterclass: Improving Workflow & Efficiency

As a business owner you probably spent a lot of time working in your business instead of working on your business. The next two weeks we will look at a few different things that may have been overlooked:


  • Simplify your menu, the more items and ingredients you have, the more time is eaten up on service, managing orders & food waste. This is particularly important as most of your clients are not looking for a 10 page menu with a detailed food choice items, most of the time I would ask the wait staff 'what’s most popular?'. Keep it tasty. Keep it simple. More than half of customers surveyed already know what they want to eat before they get there.

  • Improve your workflow, the equipment in most cases are not fixtures – and believe it or not they can be moved (they are not trees). So arrange the equipment, benches and furniture to minimise the amount of running around by staff. If you find yourself doing the zig-zag dance around your coffee machine then its time to move it around so it becomes a two-step dance.

  • Setup your cash register (POS), send dockets directly to where they’re needed (kitchen, coffee bar, etc) to keep front of house focused on customers. Can time be reduced from your customers order until it’s punched in to the POS?


Next lesson: Automation & technology


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