Café Business Masterclass: Loyalty Offers

Café Business Masterclass: Loyalty Offers

There are literally hundreds of loyalty apps now in the marketplace and tons of rewards program apps that can integrate with your POS system. I’ll go over a couple of goodies that have stood the test of time:

  • Targeted Free Samples:
    Everyone loves free stuff. I’ve use the word targeted because there’s a difference between giving out free samples to loyal customers and giving away your entire business and going broke. Here is where the laws of the reciprocity work their magic. Think about a time when someone gave you something for just being your loyal self. How did that make you feel? Who did you tell? I know that when I’m given something, whether a product or somebody’s time, I feel the need to return that in-kind 5 fold. This is the law of reciprocity, and it works ... use it!
  • Punch cards:
    I can actually hear you saying "yeah yeah yeah… punch cards whatever. So 2000s, Carlos you're so old"! And yes, I am going to again recommend a buy-9-get-one-free coffee. They are walking around with an advert for your business in their pocket, 24/7. Make sure it is a quality card that will last and look good. Cheapest customer acquisition in the history of acquisitions! Its doesn’t get cheaper than a 9 cent card.
  • POS system:
    There are reward apps that can be plugged straight into your POS system whereby customer can simply register their mobile or email address and start earning points. These points can then be used to purchase items within your business. This is relatively cheap and easy to execute, and you’ll get a great picture of how your customers interact with your brand by monitoring their habits, interactions, participation, and a whole range of valuable data.



Next lesson: Hosting an Event


Let me know of any Loyalty systems you might have in place, or any third party companies you work with.


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