Café Business Masterclass: Upselling & Suggestive Selling Part 2

Café Business Masterclass: Upselling & Suggestive Selling Part 2

Last week we spoke about assuming the sale and product language, using cup size as an example. This week we will go over my personal favourite ‘the nod’.

‘The nod’:
There is something special about ‘the nod’.
That simple motion of the head slightly up and down invokes a primal response from the people or person standing across us. I must confess I have used ‘the nod’ with children, family, friends, work colleagues and in many other situations I won’t go into today for reasons that may incriminate me.

Let’s take two situations. You walk into a café and the person behind the counter asks “would you like to try our chocolate or almond croissants? They are delicious!”; then they stares at you blankly waiting for a response. Alternatively the person behind the counter smiles and nods the head slightly (almost to say "you're nuts for not buying it from me"). Could you be sold with that level of indirect natural persuasion?

Use a slight positive nod of the head. Body language gives a subtle direction to customers about the answer you want.

80% of what we communicate is body language.

Be careful with the ‘the nod’. Your team might get so good at it they’ll be persuading you for pay increases and days off. If anybody would like to see a video ‘the nod’ let me know.



Next lesson: Loyalty Offers


Do you have any upselling strategies that have helped your business succeed? Let me know.


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