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El Salvador Coffee Beans | Produced by Mendoza Family

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El Salvador harvests between November – March.


Origin: El Salvador
Region: Santa Ana, Canton Las Cruces 
Producer: Mendoza Family 
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Creamy bodied, low acidic, very fine, mild tasting with milk chocolate undertones, papaya and cocoa notes.


Coffee was first grown in El Salvador in the 19th century mainly for domestic consumption. In its early days, coffee was considered too time and resource demanding when compared to indigo, the main export crop. Over time as world demand for coffee grew, the industry boomed. Road and rail infrastructure was built, ensuring coffee moved from the growing areas to the main ports quickly. By the early 70’s, El Salvador had one of the world’s most efficient coffee industries, ranking among the highest producers. By the 80’s, civil unrest and conflict put the industry into decline. Since then El Salvador has had to battle the effects of the GFC and intense competition from its coffee growing neighbours. 

el salvador process

Most of El Salvador’s coffee is farmed in the mountainous regions and shade grown. Bourbon is the dominant varietal and the country began developing Tekisic, a process that started in 1949 and released in 1977. The name? A combination of a local word ‘teketi’ meaning work and ISIC, the acronym for the Salvadorian Institute for Coffee Research.  Pacas and Pacamara are also popular, growing between 600 and 1000 plus MASL. Harvest season starts in early November until March the following year.

The fertile red soil, due to the volcanic lava decomposition makes this coffee desirable. This fully washed coffee is creamy bodied and has classic milk chocolate undertones and lovely elegant floral, papaya and cocoa notes.

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