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El Salvador harvests between November – March.


Origin: El Salvador
Region: Santa Ana, Canton Las Cruces 
Producer: Mendoza Family 
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Creamy bodied, low acidic, very fine, mild tasting with milk chocolate undertones, papaya and cocoa notes.


Indulge in the distinct and creamy flavor of El Salvador coffee beans. Mendoza Family's washed coffee beans have a low acidity and a mild taste with notes of milk chocolate, papaya, and cocoa. Discover how El Salvador coffee beans differ from other coffee varieties and experience the richness and uniqueness of this premium coffee.

El Salvador coffee beans are known for their mild taste and creamy body, which make them a great option for coffee enthusiasts who prefer a low-acidic and balanced flavor. The fertile red soil, enriched by volcanic lava decomposition, makes our El Salvador coffee beans unique in taste and quality.

What sets El Salvador coffee beans apart is the Tekisic process, a unique method of processing coffee that started in the 1940s and was released in 1977. This process combines a local word, "teketi," meaning work, with ISIC, the acronym for the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research. The Tekisic process gives the beans a distinct and fine taste, making them highly desirable among coffee lovers.

El Salvador coffee beans are grown in the mountainous regions and are shade-grown. The dominant varietal is Bourbon, which gives the beans their unique flavor profile. Pacas and Pacamara varietals are also popular, growing at an altitude of 600 to 1,000 plus meters above sea level. The harvest season starts in early November and runs through March the following year.

At Mendoza Family, we roast our El Salvador coffee beans to perfection to bring out their unique characteristics and flavors. We offer 250g and 500g freshly roasted and packed one-way value bags, so you can enjoy the rich taste of El Salvador coffee beans at home.

Buy now and experience the creamy, low acidic taste of El Salvador coffee beans. With our unique flavor profile and Tekisic process, our coffee beans are sure to please any coffee lover's taste buds.


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