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King Carlos Coffee - Attending Golden Bean Roasters Competition

Carlos recently attended the Golden Bean Roasters Competition in Port Macquarie this year and we managed to get an insight on what his experience was like…

- Is this your first time attending Golden Bean Competition this year?
Yes! I was looking forward to attending such a great industry event;
I’ve heard lots of great things about this competition previously and wanted to be involved. They had a great line up of speakers and there were some amazing roasters that had attended in previous years so I was really looking forward to meeting new people in the industry.

- You almost didn’t make it up there as the devastating fires blocked the roads from Sydney to Port Macquarie!
It was catastrophic; so many people lost their homes. Once we heard the severity of what was happening we knew we had to help in some way.

- So what did you do?
We went into complete “Call to Action” mode.
I immediately called Tilly who is the organiser for the Golden Bean Event and knew we needed to work together to rally all the roasters and help in some way.

Our Team put together a post using our social media platform, along with an electronic mailout and direct messaged everyone on our Industry database.

There was a collection point in Port Macquarie and asked everyone to kindly donate a Coles, Woolies, Kmart and BigW Vouchers. It needed to be quick, accessible for people to buy and a convenient drop off point, which was near the Golden Bean Event.

- What did you get most out of the Competition?
Meeting lots of great people in the industry.
The speakers also had some great topics that they presented, so it was very interesting!

- Congratulations on the 6 medals you won!
Thank you! It was great to see our Re Firma house blend win a medal as well as Blend 73. It’s a really awesome blend that we are really proud of. Our Cuban, Columbian and Guatemalan also won medals. We have some incredible Single Origins that we are roasting at the moment and this means some really exciting things for us in the near future.

- What’s next for King Carlos Coffee Roasters?
We have a lot going on at the moment and lots of exciting things planned for 2020.

Our warehouse is undergoing renovations at the moment which means we will soon be open to the public and we cannot wait to see people coming in and enjoying the complete King Carlos Experience. Congratulations to all roasters that entered in the Golden Bean Competition.

About the Golden Bean Coffee Competition

The Golden Bean is the world’s largest coffee roasters competition and conference. This competition endeavours to find Australia’s best coffee roasting business with coffees being judged as Espresso, Milk and Filter beverages with medals awarded in 11 award categories.

The conference attracts attendance from over 100 coffee roasting businesses and consists of a number of educational workshops and social functions.

This event has been running successfully now for over twelve years in Australia and is in its fourth year in North America. It is one of the key elements in the growth of the coffee industry by way of rewarding the coffee roasters, the vital person in the chain for all coffee businesses.

Coffee companies submit their entries on a predetermined date and the coffees are judged through a blind tasting format, in 11 different categories and brew methods. The coffees are judged by roasters that attend the event to participate and enjoy the four-day competition and conference.

The Golden Bean invites roasters to not only send in their entries but also to participate in the seminars and fun sponsored evenings. This creates a valuable opportunity for roasters to network with each other and form great alliances within the industry.


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