Ethiopia Coffee Beans Specialty, Guji Grade 1

ethiopia guji coffee bean bag King Carlos Coffee

Introducing King Carlos Coffee's Exceptional Natural Processed Ethiopian Coffee from Harsu Haro Muda

King Carlos Coffee is excited to share with you our Specialty Grade 1 coffee beans from Ethiopia's Guji region. Our Welichu and Kudhumi varietals are grown at an altitude of 2,000 to 2,500 metres above sea level, resulting in a coffee with a score of 85+ and tasting notes of black cherry, milk chocolate, mango, rosehip floral, and pecan nuts. This natural processed coffee is roasted to second crack, making it perfect for espresso, long black, macchiato, and piccolo.

Discover the culture and traditions of Ethiopia through coffee with our Specialty Grade 1 Guji Ethiopia coffee. While the coffee ceremony in Ethiopia is a time-consuming process, you can enjoy our Specialty Coffee at home. For the best results, we recommend brewing using a Chemex.

Order now and experience the richness and beauty of Ethiopian coffee culture with King Carlos Coffee.




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