Supporting Australian Made

Supporting Australian Made

Partnering with Local Australian Businesses

It has long been the King Carlos Coffee ethos to support and partner with local businesses. We always strive to be 100% Australian made – even when importing green beans from overseas we look to work with Australian distribution channels.

Our industry leading eco-friendly coffee cups have been a product of our close working relationship with MPM Marketing. Not only answering the call of the masses for a more economical coffee cup option, but also supporting an Australian business and real Aussie jobs.

This extends to our coffee bags: a collaborative project in which we forego a significant discount in price to produce the bags in Melbourne and not China. This is well worth the cost, as we feel satisfied that we have met our own ethical goals, quality is always controlled fully, and the guys at MPM are simply fantastic to work with!

These kinds of relationships are happening all the time. Just last year we were blown away by the sheer quality of Karmine Leather's goods. This partnership started with our new aprons being supplied and laser branded by Karmine. It has since shifted into a collaborative partnership, with the leather branding extending to our chairs and even a custom coffee machine skin!

Our Home Made Jams

This year we have also launched our new 'Pantry' section, with a seasonally curated collection of local Aussie made produce and food items. Of particular note is our partnership with Quincey Jones.

Using 100% Natural and Australian produce and ingredients, Quincey Jones jams and preserves are lovingly prepared and hand cooked in small batches to create a true and authentic gluten-free, vegan and country-made product.

Their preserves are made fresh with seasonal fruit, low sugar and have a best before of one year; just best to keep in the fridge after opening. All QJ jams have over 70 per cent fruit content which makes a refreshing change from overly sweet supermarket fare.

Quincey Jones' scrumptious jams and relishes have been awarded multiple prizes and medals at 'The Royal Melbourne Show', 'The Australian Food Awards' and many country Agricultural Shows. We have also been featured on & in The Small Farms Magazine!


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