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How well do you know coffee definitions?

Posted by Carlos Zeidan on
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making coffee guide

The guide above and the information below will serve as an easy guide on how to make good coffee.


single, served in 180-220ml demitasse cup, top with textured milk, once milk separates a 1cm foam top and 1cm foam layer below the lip of the cup should be achieved, dust top with chocolate powder.

Piccolo (small)

single, topped with textured milk in a 90-lO0ml glass, foam should be 0.3-0.Scm from top of glass.


single, topped with textured milk, 0.5-1cm foam from top of glass, glass usually 200ml-240ml (latte glass).

Flat White

single, served in 180- 220ml demitasse cup topped with textured milk whilst withholding the foam, to achieve a 0.2-0.3cm foam on top.


single, served in a latte glass, 30ml of espresso over a scoop of ice-cream.


0-11 grams of coffee (single), 15-20 second extraction, to produce 12-16ml of espresso, served in 70ml cup.

Double Ristretto

18-21 grams of coffee (double), 15-20 second extraction, to produce 24-32ml of espresso.

Espresso (short black)

single, 30ml espresso extraction, served in 70ml cup.

Doppio (double short black)

double, 60 ml espresso extraction.

Cafe Lungo

double, 100ml espresso extraction (over extracted espresso) .

Long Black / Americano

75% hot water then floated with doule espresso .

Macchiato (stain)

single, mark with textured milk, served in 60-90ml glass.

coffee flavour tasting wheel

Do you know your coffee definitions?

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