What your coffee preference say about you

What your coffee preference say about you

You’ve probably never thought twice about the kind of coffee you order every morning on your way to work. Most people stick to their same usual order, and some of us have been drinking the same thing for years. It's just a matter of taste and preference.

There might be more to this story. A recent study [1] by clinical Psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula examined one thousand coffee drinkers and associated personality traits and types with their coffee preferences. There were some overall similarities and rather interesting discoveries that showed up amidst the preferred coffee styles, revealing a deeper insight into the choices we make and the people we are. 

Have a think about how you like to have your coffee, then read on! Remember to drop a comment below and let us know if you agree with the research or not.


Straight black coffee drinkers are antisocial

For many people, black coffee isn’t an appealing option because it offers too bitter a taste. However, for many coffees (particularly single origins and specialty roasts) it is the only way to truly appreciate the nuanced flavours of the bean. Our Jamaica Blue, for instance, should strictly be served black as a pour over of French press.

But there are also a lot of people who can only drink their coffee black; and it’s been reported that those people tend to be more antisocial, narcissistic, and occasionally, even psychopathic. A 2015 study [2] suggested that people who prefer bitter tastes “are associated with traits related to the darker side of personality.” 

Black coffee drinkers are typically old school, patient, sometimes quiet, efficient and set in their ways. They need a coffee that’s fast and responsive. You might not be a knife-wielding psycho if you like your coffee black, but you may not be the most cheerful, gregarious person either.

Our black coffee recommendations are: Peru (Washed), Mexico Single Origin, and for a little bit of a more earthy taste: El Salvador Single Origin.


Espresso drinkers are generally well-travelled

Now, if black coffee is bitter, espresso hugely multiplies that taste. Just one little shot of espresso can be very bitter and very intense. Likewise, the person who drinks it can also have a rather intense or bold personality. If your coffee order is espresso, it can mean that you want to associate yourself with a particular social class or even that you’re pretentious. People often link espresso with being well-travelled or having a more refined palate. In fact, we've put together a coffee pack that lets you experience the coffee flavours of the world at home!

It has been seen that espresso drinkers are likely to be natural born leaders that know how to get things done.

If you're thinking of trying espresso from the comfort of your own kitchen, some have likened Aeropress brewed coffee to espresso. Or if you're serious about your brew, single group coffee machines are steadily rising in popularity every year!


Extra sweet coffee drinkers tend to be more social

Bitter tastes are associated with antisocial personalities, so it only makes sense that ordering an extra sweet coffee order means just the opposite. If you like lots of milk, cream or sugar in your coffee, then research suggests [3] you are a more social type of person. It also means that you’re more in need of comfort than a black coffee drinker is. Statistically, people tend to eat and drink sweeter substances when they’re stressed [4]. If you’re ordering an extra sweet coffee, you might be looking for a treat; either because you’re stressed and looking for a reward, or maybe because it keeps the stress at bay.

The research suggests that people who like sugar in their coffee are more likely to be agreeable, friendly and compassionate. Their coffee of choice may reflect a sweet demeanour.

King Carlos Coffee recommend one of our more earthy single origin coffee's to balance out the sweetness of your brew! 

On your next coffee break, keep your eyes peeled for sweeter coffee drinkers. It's possible they get along better with people and provide colleagues with words of encouragement.


'A little bit of milk & sugar' drinkers are well-balanced

Studies have found that people who add milk to their coffee or always order cafe lattes are likely to go out of their way to help others. [1] In much the same way that they use milk or cream to soften the bitterness of their coffee, they use their personality to soften the bitterness of life. The ever popular cappuccino and cafe latte are the most popular "well balanced" brews.

A well-made cappuccino’s rich complex flavours draws in the sophisticates who enjoy the finer things in life. You are stylish and well put together. Rarely will you be caught out in sweat pants and an old t-shirt. You enjoy being in control, you are health-conscious and can be quite the perfectionist. You are also creative, sociable and can multi-task like a pro.

Instead of embracing the bitterness of coffee, latte lovers prefer to add a soothing element to it. This shows off your laid back, relaxed nature. You like your creature comforts, and usually make an effort to look good. Inversely, you may overextend yourself at times, and always can’t keep up your commitments.

So which coffee tastes best with milk? We recommend one of our multi award winning blends: Re Firma is our in house specialty blend, with a dark chocolate taste and berry undertones. Whilst our Gran Mezcla is a fuller bodied coffee and a staff favourite around our headquarters! 


Flavoured coffee drinkers are risk takers

If you tend to go for coffee combined with various flavours, like caramel, mocha, or raspberry, then you’re likely more of a risk taker. People who prefer blended and flavoured coffee like to try new things and enjoy adventure.

We're very proud Sydney stockists of Monin flavoured syrup. Flavoured and blended coffees tend to be the most creative of the coffee world, so it follows that those who drink them are creative and imaginative as well. The "whipped coffee" trend is a perfect example of this.


Decaf drinkers are cautious

As a decaf drinker, you like being in control. You may even be labelled a perfectionist and your health is important to you. But you also can be overly sensitive, a rule follower and a worrier. It's very lucky for you that King Carlos Coffee are famous for our decaf coffee. Created using the 'swiss water' method, you get the same full flavoured coffee, but without any caffeine.

If your coffee order is decaf, you’re thinking about how you want to avoid being wired all night long or getting those unsettling jitters. You want the taste, but you don’t want the effects. You’ll have coffee, but you don’t want it to get the best of you or affect your behaviour. We go in to more detail about the benefits of our Colombian decaf coffee HERE



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