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Gran Mezcla Blend


A beautifully scented coffee with bold flavours, and a unique, full body.

Balanced, clean, smooth coffee with nutty & spicy flavours, highly aromatic, a delicate coffee with a pleasant aftertaste a unique full bodied coffee. Gran Mezcla is our answer to coffee lovers wanting a more gourmet coffee experience at home. The nutty and spicy notes make a bold impression on the palate, while staying balanced and smooth.

Coffee Blend Details


Variety of Producers depending on the season

Growing Regions:

Earth, it's tightly held family secret

Processing Details:

Sundried, washed and Semi washed

King Carlos Coffee are all about consistency!
Our knowledge in coffee roasting times and temperatures, density and moisture has been developed through years of experience - and we cup our coffee regularly to ensure coffee blends are consistent. This helps us continually source the best green coffee beans, and the best coffee beans in Australia
We only use 100% Arabica beans, grown in higher altitudes and along the equator; making us producers of the best coffee beans in Australia. The coffee beans are delicate, have characteristically flora aromas, mild and rounded. Our beans produce a golden full bodied espresso.  Roasted slowly to allow the full flavour to develop, its then stopped and cooled when the second crack is heard by our third generation master roaster.
Purchase our coffee beans online in Australia, or all over the world. We are happy to prepare your coffee bean delivery in Sydney and then distribute to your home or cafe! Included in every large order of coffee beans is free shipping to you.