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Decaffeinated Colombia


Umami-like aromatics, a bittersweet cocoa powder flavor tied up with brown sugar, dark caramel hints and toasted wheat berry. 


Origin: Colombia

Region: Central Province

Process: Swiss water method


So Why Decaf?

At King Carlos Coffee our Decaf coffee is produced using the Swiss Water Process.

We soak our Columbian green beans to expand the cell structure of the bean.
By doing this, the caffeine held in each green bean is released leaving a very low levels of caffeine. The filtered water is used by flushing the green beans continuously until the desired level of caffeine is achieved. Swiss water method is a chemical free method which is gentle on the green beans leaving quality and natural flavour.

Our Decaf coffee is available in retail coffee bags, sold in 250g and 500g convenient, one way valve, resealable bags. If you enjoy sweet dark chocolate Tasting Notes with brown sugar and caramel undertones, then this coffee is for you!


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