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Peru Washed


A lively coffee with silky, nutty flavours and chocolate tones with a fruit punch aftertaste.


Origin: Peru

Region: Chanchamayo

Process: Washed


What makes Peruvian ground coffee so good?

Most Peruvian coffee tend to be mellow and pleasant with a mild acidity and a light body. It is known as some of the finest South American coffee. Peruvian coffee demonstrates exciting flavor profiles that are all a delight to the senses.

King Carlos Coffee are the experts in Peru single origin coffee in Sydney.

We only use 100% Arabica beans for our estate coffee Peru; making us producers of the best coffee beans in Australia. The coffee beans are delicate, have characteristically flora aromas, mild and rounded. Our beans produce a golden full bodied espresso. Roasted slowly to allow the full flavour to develop, its then stopped and cooled when the second crack is heard by our third generation master roaster.

Purchase our coffee beans online in Australia, or all over the world. We are happy to prepare your coffee bean delivery in Sydney and then distribute to your home or cafe! Included in every large order of coffee beans is free shipping to you. King Carlos Coffee supply the finest Peruvian coffee beans in Australia.

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