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Chocolate Powder or Icing Sugar Shaker for Cafes

170ml stainless steel, no handle.

With the help of this commercial quality Stainless Steel Chocolate Shaker you can put the finishing touches to your cappuccinos. It features a screw on lid, fine mesh top and is easily tightened, this stainless steel shaker is perfect for professional and at-home baristas.


Mesh Chocolate Shaker

If you like cappuccinos, then you would appreciate powdered chocolate shaken over your coffee. A great addition for any barista, whether in a coffee shop or at home, a chocolate duster is the ultimate tool you need to finish the cappuccino.

Our chocolate duster for coffee is all you need to create an impressive looking cappuccino or hot chocolate.

Made with a mesh top, the coffee shaker features a screw on lid, provide easy tightening and comfortable grip for handling. The stainless steel body structure offers premium quality finish and durability. This chocolate sprinkler is available at cost-effective prices with fast and reliable delivery service.