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Professional 900ml Coffee Waste Bin

Made from solid black PVC plastic. With a sealed base so liquid coffee doesn’t leak out. Removable top for easy cleaning. Comes with a solid plastic knock bar that doesn’t damage your filter basket and is removable for cleaning.

Details & Features
Made of 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene, the standard range of knock boxes keep looking good even in the busiest cafes. Handles are made of hard wearing rods with a shock cushioning double reinforced rubber tube – replaceable after wear. The bases are made of polypropylene and designed to be easy on your floor or bench surface; but withstand the wear and tear of a busy cafe.


  • 900mm cafe quality black knock tube. Used as a cafe alternative to a standard coffee grind knock box.
  • Includes a highly durable acrylic knock bar and removable top for easy emptying and cleaning of the coffee knock bin.
  • Secure base plate for stability and a rubber sleeve to soften the knock to equipment.
  • Our coffee knock bin tube is perfect for any small to medium sized hospitality businesses.