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Dominican Republic


One of Australia's first Dominican Republic Coffee brands.

Finally, we are able to introduce to you a coffee that we have been sourcing for months. The Dominican Republic produces some of the most amazing coffee's like the one we now have on our shelves for you. Dominican Republic is one that stands out from a crowd and we anticipate it to be sold out quickly as once it's gone who knows when we are able to get our hands on it again.

Natural Arabica Cibao, a classic Caribbean. Full bodied, sweet merlot notes with delightful roasted pecans muddled with hints of lime.

Dominican Republic Coffee Farm Details


Dominican Republic

Coffee Growing Region:



Mountain peaks at 1259 MASL

Processing Details:

Natural, Bonito Honey



Coffee was introduced in the 1700’s to the Dominican Republic and has since been welcomed as a principal crop for small-scale farmers. The hilly landscapes, tropical forests and abundant rainfall provide an interesting eco-climate for coffee cultivation against medium altitudes at most. The cup profile tends to be full bodied with good aroma and acidity.