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V60 Coffee

Explore the delicious and fascinating world of pour over coffee with the Hario V60 Pour Over Kit. The Hario Australia V60 is a world-beloved Japanese brewer that’s famous for its spiraling ridges and wide drainage hole. These elements, along with Hario’s own filters, produce a cup with a clean and smooth mouthfeel, a crisp acidity, and satisfyingly bright flavours.

V60 Coffee Maker Features

  • Glass Server - Black Handle (02 size)
  • Transparent Plastic V60 Dripper (02 size) V60 coffee maker
  • 100pk of V60 Paper filters (02 size)
  • Also includes a Bonus coffee scoop

Quick Hario V60 Pour Over Instructions:

  • Place a filter in the dripper and rinse it with hot water.
  • Grind 20g of coffee at a medium-fine setting and pour in the dripper.
  • Slowly pour 40 ml of hot water over the grounds to evenly saturate them.
  • After 30 seconds, pour the remaining 300 ml in slow circles.
  • When the coffee finishes draining, pour and enjoy.