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The Barista Milk Frothing Jug

The round handled Coffee pitcher, made for baristas, helps creates silky smooth milk when foaming milk. Available in several different milk jug sizes. As coffee professionals, King Carlos Coffee recommend this as a the best barista milk jug.

Stainless Steel Milk Jug

Ideal for at home or in the cafe designed by real baristas in the speciality coffee industry. Featuring a refined spout perfect for latte art resulting in a precision pour for the training or expert barista. With an entire stainless steel body and round handle, our professional milk jug is built to last.

Measurements are important to decrease milk waste and save your cafe money. The measurements take the guess-work out of pouring your milk and improves your baristas efficiency. Think of it this way: If you make 250 cups a day you could save a bottle of milk each day which would save you over $1000 in wasted milk a year!

Barista Jug Features

  • 1mm thick food grade stainless steel body
  • Thicker steel provides a great weight and professional feel.
  • Professional spout resulting in smooth pouring for latte art.
  • Comfort round handle

How to Froth Milk: