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PuqPress Q2 - Gen 5


Never tamp unevenly again with the PUQPRESS Automatic Coffee Tamper Q2 Gen5. This latest upgraded model boosts workflow by 30%, nearly eliminates barista injuries from tamping, and improves the quality of your espresso dramatically.

Insert any portafilter size or style into the Puqpress, and the sensor will initiate the device. The upper and lower clamps will lock your portafilter into place as the automatic tamping takes place with 5-30kg of precise pressure. You can set the target pressure via 1kg increments.

The tamp is perfectly level and consistently uniform, producing a flat bed of grounds you can always rely on. No more finicky shots from slightly uneven tamps or tired baristas. No more shots down the drain from channeling. No more confusing flavour changes between baristas. Just reliable, great espresso.

Download the PuqPress Q2 brochure HERE

  • 3 Year Warranty - 1,000,000 million tamps easily!
  • New high output motor drive
  • 3 sensor system improves set up accuracy and safety
  • Multiple tamp options - Speedy – Precision – Hulk – Soft – Single
Net weight: 3.8KG
Dimensions(DxWxH): 19.5×14.1×28.6cm
Input: 110-240Vac 50-60Hz
Power: 72 W
Plug type: All
Tamp profiles Speedy – Precision – Hulk – Soft – Single
Tamper diameter: 53.0 – 58.3mm
Portafilter: Works with all types of portafilters.
Naked, Single sprout and double sprouts
Naked portafilter compatibility: Yes
Non-stick tamper finish: Yes
Fine adjustment lower damp: Yes
Force adjustment: Steps of 1kg in the range from 10 – 30kg
Available colours: Premium Black & Premium White
Certifications CB,CE, cETLus, KTC, EAC, NSF-8, PSE