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Congo coffee beans Roasted from King Carlos Coffee ready for shipping

King Carlos Coffee are very proud to introduce coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Region: Lake Kivu
Roast: Second Crack, Medium
Extraction: 21 grams, 50ml at 28sec
Recommended: Espresso, long black, macchiato, piccolo
Tasting Notes: Blackcurrant and mulberries with sweet cocoa notes shine through this balanced, full bodied coffee.


Congo is a country that is one of the richest in the world with natural resources and favorable climate, yet riddled with a history of civil war and political instability. 

DRC has a population of 2.3 million people and has about 11,000 coffee working plantations. Many are spread across the north eastern part of the country where coffee farmers produces mainly Robusta coffee. In the south, not as many, grow Arabica beans, which accounts for about 1/5th of the production total.

congo coffee process

The Congolese people work hard to grow their coffee but unfortunately are often not rewarded for it. Political tensions have made it difficult to make a living for coffee growers as they receive minimal pay for their crop or are often “owed” which is never paid.

It's known that coffee farmers sneak bags of coffee in neighboring country Rwanda to try and sell the beans for a higher price as they receive little for the beans in DRC barely covering basic costs. 

In the last few years though, millions of dollars in donor funds have been injected into the country to help build the farming industry, stabilizing supply and keeping up with increased demand internationally. 

This is great news for coffee drinkers as Congo produces amazing coffee! Typically, Congo has a full bodied coffee with sweet cocoa aromas and flavors full of dark fruits like blackcurrants and mulberries.

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