Decaf Coffee?

Decaf Coffee?

Coffee; For many, it’s the first thing we think about upon waking.

From the moment the eyelids crack open, the message from the brain is clear… “NEED COFFEE” Suddenly, that first cup of coffee purely has one purpose.

I need coffee now; to wake up and get moving, to get me through the morning because the kids kept me up all night, to help me recover from the “one too many wines” with dinner last night; or to get me through another “work from home” day with the whole family in the house?! Let’s be real, we all need that first cup to start the day.

But, out of the 75% of Australians that enjoy a daily cup of coffee, not everyone can consume the average caffeine pick me up. Consider a thought for our 1-2% of coffee loving friends that simply cannot have the caffeine intake that we are so desperately after first thing in the morning but, still love to ENJOY a delicious cup of coffee?

Well, this is where Decaf Coffee becomes the hero!
We are so spoilt for choice these days with a vast range of different types of coffee and café’s full of coffee and foodie enthusiasts, we cannot exclude our Decaf drinking buddies, as we need to be able to cater for all types, even Decaf drinkers!

So, why Decaf?

In the average cup of coffee (in Australia), there is roughly just under 100mg of caffeine. It is recommended by Health Direct Australia, that safe amounts of caffeine intake for an average adult is up to 400mg a day.

If you are part of the 1-2% of people that have been advised to drink Decaf as an alternative or just simply chose to drink Decaf, then you are significantly lowering your caffeine intake so much that in fact, decaffeinated coffee has only an average of roughly 5mg of caffeine per cup. 

At King Carlos Coffee our Decaf is made through a Swiss Water Process, meaning our high grade Columbian Green Beans are processed through a chemical free non – solvent method using filtered water, leaving minimal amounts of caffeine. Our Decaf coffee is available in retail coffee bags, sold in 250g and 500g convenient, one way valve, resealable bags. If you enjoy sweet dark chocolate Tasting Notes with brown sugar and caramel undertones, then this coffee is for you!

King Carlos Decaf Coffee

Tasting Notes: Umami-like aromatics, a bittersweet cocoa powder flavor tied up with brown sugar, dark caramel hints and toasted wheat berry.
Origin: Colombia
Region: Central Province
Process: Swiss water method

Try today as an espresso, cappuccino or filtered coffee. 

King Carlos Columbian Decaf will not disappoint!

Buy Decaf Coffee HERE


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