Discover Santa Monica, the Unique Journey of Anaerobic Fermentation Pink Bourbon Coffee from Jairo Arcila's Villarazo Farm

Discover Santa Monica, the Unique Journey of Anaerobic Fermentation Pink Bourbon Coffee from Jairo Arcila's Villarazo Farm

In the heart of Colombia's coffee belt, nestled within the lush landscapes of Armenia, Quindio, lies a farm that's making waves in the specialty coffee world. The farm, Villarazo, under the careful stewardship of Jairo Arcila, has produced a coffee that is as enchanting in flavor as it is in story: the Pink Bourbon micro-lot. Click here to buy

Jairo Arcila's approach to coffee production marries tradition with innovative fermentation techniques to unlock flavors that captivate the palate. This particular lot was subject to a unique process that starts with a dry anaerobic fermentation period lasting 72 hours, with the pulp left on the beans. During this critical phase, lulo, a tropical fruit known for its tart, citrusy flavor, is added to the mix, infusing the beans with distinctive notes that set this coffee apart.

After fermentation, the cherries are pulped and then meticulously dried on raised beds until they reach the ideal moisture content. This careful, hands-on approach ensures that the coffee's quality is preserved, highlighting the varietal's natural sweetness and complexity.

The Pink Bourbon varietal, exclusive to this micro-lot, is shrouded in mystery. Currently under research to pinpoint its origins, it's believed to be a mutation that occurred at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level in San Adolfo, Huila. Its rarity and the quest to understand its lineage add an element of intrigue to each cup.

Grown at altitudes ranging from 1450 to 1500 meters, the coffee benefits from the perfect combination of volcanic ash soil, a temperate climate of 18 - 28°C, and annual rainfall between 1800 - 2000 mm. These conditions are ideal for cultivating the Pink Bourbon, allowing it to develop its unique flavor profile.

The result is a coffee that not only tells the story of its origin but also of the passion and innovation of its producer. It's a testament to the dedication of farmers like Jairo Arcila, who continually explore new methods and varietals to bring exceptional coffee to the world.

King Carlos Coffee Roasters is proud to bring you this exceptional offering from Villarazo Farm. As coffee enthusiasts, we understand the importance of origin, process, and variety in crafting the perfect cup. This Pink Bourbon micro-lot is a shining example of what happens when all these elements come together harmoniously.

We invite you to explore the unique flavors and rich history of this exceptional coffee. It's more than just a beverage; it's a journey to Colombia, a testament to innovation in coffee production, and a rare opportunity to taste a piece of coffee's evolving story.

As you savor this coffee, remember the meticulous care and innovative spirit that brought it from Jairo Arcila's farm to your cup. Let it inspire your mornings and fuel your passion for discovering the world's most extraordinary coffees.

For those who wish to experience this remarkable coffee and support the artisans behind it, visit our website to secure your bag of Pink Bourbon from Villarazo Farm. And don't forget to follow King Carlos Coffee Roasters on Instagram for more stories and insights into the fascinating world of specialty coffee. Click here to buy




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