Cold Brew and Nitro Brew Coffee are not just trendy, they're game-changers for cafés.

Appeal to a Younger Crowd

These drinks are popular among younger customers, adding a modern touch to your menu.

Exceptional Quality with King Carlos Coffee

Our expert roasting ensures every batch has a rich flavor profile and enticing aroma.

Unique Offerings for Customer Loyalty

Stand out by offering these unique beverages, enhancing customer loyalty through distinct coffee experiences.

Efficient 'On-Tap' Service

Our 'on-tap' installation streamlines service, offering efficiency and convenience.

Versatile Menu Additions

Use them in creative drinks like iced lattes or espresso martinis, diversifying your menu.

Longer Shelf Life

Enjoy reduced waste and cost savings, thanks to their extended freshness.

New Revenue Opportunities

Expand your offerings and tap into new revenue streams with these exciting coffee options.


Delve into the world of Cold Brew Coffee, a brewing method that steeps coarse grounds in cold water for 12 to 24 hours, resulting in a smooth, low-acid concentrate. Perfect over ice, or mixed with milk or water, it's a refreshing twist on coffee. On the flip side, Nitro Brew Coffee, infused with nitrogen gas, offers a creamy texture and frothy head akin to a stout beer. Served from a keg, this trendy alternative brings a unique twist to your iced coffee experience.