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Peru Natural Sundried


Direct from the farmer, pure Peru coffee taste.

Introducing our Peruvian Specialty micro lot purchased direct from the farmer. Hand harvested and naturally sundried this sweet coffee is strictly available in small numbers. The unique sun-drying process allows for a unique set of flavours to shine through – including candied apple, mango and pineapple notes.

Peru Coffee Beans Details 



Growing Region

Villa Rica


Yellow Red Canturi

Processing Details

Natural Sundried (Solar)


91+ (Amazing)


Most Peruvian coffee tend to be mellow and pleasant with a mild acidity and a light body. It is known as some of the finest South American coffee. Peruvian coffee demonstrates exciting flavour profiles that are all a delight to the senses.

The natural (or solar) process refer to the method of processing the coffee. This usually involves drying coffee cherries either patios or raised beds in the sun. 

This process can take 3-6 weeks, and is the more traditional method of processing coffee. This helps bring out the deeper flavours in a coffee. In this case, a sweeter mango and fruity taste. 

We recommend this coffee as a pour over or aeropress. This helps the flavours develop as they are intended.